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PyCon 2009 Call For Proposals

less than 1 minute read

PyCon 2009 Call for proposals opens September 29, 2008. Come, share your knowledge and experience.

Cakes and Geeks

less than 1 minute read

My wife, who has super cool baking skills, updated me on what geeks seem to be loving in terms of cake decorations.Watch what you have got to choose from: 

Flex HTTPService, Browser Cache and IE

1 minute read

This morning I spoke at a Flex event in Hyderabad (India). Our (Saven Technologies) team members at Hyderabad planned and organized this fantastic event. It ...

SWF is Searchable

less than 1 minute read

Adobe SWF files that run in the flash player will now be searchable. Adobe published SWF searchability FAQ earlier this morning explaining the details of wha...