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Advanced Flex 3


Advanced Flex 3

Advanced Flex 3

My book — Advanced Flex 3 — is out in the market! It was a good feeling to hold the printed version in my hand, as its first few copies arrived yesterday. We celebrated at home with some delicious brownies that my wife baked right then. Months of work and lot of night-outs have gone into writing it. (Book writing can make you sleepless!).

Its one of the few (or maybe only?) books which addresses the needs of the advanced Flex developer, who is interested in creating enterprise grade robust applications. Hopefully it is as enjoyable reading, as it was writing it!

It was a great experience working with my co-authors (Elad, Jack and Joshua) and having my wife and kids support me through the entire process. Not to forget my parents and in-laws supported me too, ’cause I was busy writing even on vacation in their homes. (Book writing can make you ill mannered :) )

The book is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders, bookpool , Springer and SamedayBooks (UK).

As you read it, please let me know what you think of the book. I am eager to hear from you!

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  1. So you’ve got your copy already? I suppose international post takes longer. Looking forward to seeing a copy! Thanks for getting me involved Shashank – it’s been fun. I hope to work with you again.

  2. @Joshua:Yours should be reaching you soon. Surely, looking forward to working with you again. How about a PaperVision 3D book :) Are you at MAX in SF? I am running the “Camps and the Community” BOF at the show and will be happy to have you around.

  3. @Rohit (Ferni): Thank you. Flex in geek speak is a RIA Framework and in normal lingo is a piece of technology that makes super interactive web applications. If you like the NHL Video Mashups, Yahoo Maps or the Google Finance interactive charts then you are already enjoying the benefits of Flex powering them.

  4. So when is FireClay going to be available? Every day I check to see, and every day I come away empty handed 😉

    I’m really excited to start using it.

  5. @MLCOM: I apologize for the delay in the public availability of Fireclay. Most likely, It will be out by the end of the year. However, when its out I can promise you will not be disappointed.

  6. Loving the book. I’m working my way through and getting the goods.
    You might want to put something on the fireclay page as per what you just said about “the end of the year” or even vaguer than that, since those of us who are reading your book will hop off the couch (or remote from there) to get fireclay as soon as we read about it.
    I’ve been following up for a couple of weeks and this is the first mention that it won’t be available for a while.
    I can certainly wait, but it is nice to know what is going on. Just a suggestion.

  7. Congrats you on the book,I have ever not it, but I think it contains good info on flex3 is the product of your sleepless days. As soon as possible I will have it.I want to thank you for this good book.

  8. Francois,

    I am glad you like the book.

    I will verify the download later this evening and attempt to get the Services.mxml out to you as soon as possible.

    In addition, I will attempt to blog about another complete Cairngorm example soon. I will mail you once that post is online.

    Thanks for the patience.


  9. Francois,
    Fireclay will be available very soon for download. Possibly within the next couple of days of so.


  10. I don’t know how to start this, but I would like to thank you very much for you efforts in writing this book.

    The thing I wanted to bring your attention to, is the fact as an Iraqi living in a US blockaded country (Syria), we can’t get US financial payment accounts (e.g paypal) unless we lie about our residence and/or identity, which in both cases is a moral dilemma and more precisely a hassle to me and at least a friend of mine.

    Yet technology as I believe is free for all, so I resort to the shady yet effective torrent networks and rapidshare sites that offer publications such as yours free of charge (for the download that is).

    So again, I feel obliged to give you credit for your book, and bring your attention to a predicament fellow regional developers like me experience.

  11. Is there any way you can post the source code for this book on your website? The website is hosed.


  12. Hi Shashank,

    I have seen your book it is very interesting.All important things in one place.
    can u give me some guideline about it replacement of flash and flex technology in coming time.Or we will just use for I phone.