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Insane Advertisement

Have you seen this advertisement? I found this by chance on Ben Nadel‘s website.


ColdFusion Advertisement

ColdFusion Advertisement


This is by far the most insane piece of advertisement I have seen in a while. Cheeky and nothing but screaming to attract attention! In addition, being nasty and depicting gender bias. Is adobe against women as programmers? Do they believe in discriminating against women?  (Ben Forta clarified that it was Ben Nadel’s creation and had nothing to do with Adobe). He also pointed me to a link where someone from the community responded to this advertisement.

Here is the link :

Seems just some wacky creativity ! ( mean’t to be humorous and not any serious message really :) ).

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  1. As you said, you found it on Ben Nadel’s website. It is not an Adobe ad, it’s Ben’s creation, one of many, and meant to be funny. And others in the community have responded with their own ads. I don’t think Ben meant to offend anyone, and anyone who knows him takes his comments and posts in context. Regardless, it has nothing to do with Adobe, and if you have issues with the image then ping Ben directly.

    — Ben Forta

  2. Come on. Anyone who takes that seriously has too much time on their hands.

  3. oh come on. Of all the things to be worried about, THIS sets you off?

  4. @walt: It did not set me off as much as I was just zapped wondering if Adobe published something of this sort, considering Ben Nadel pretended it was authentic!

    I am not sure I understand your bit on too much time! By the same reasoning, are you implying you bothered to reply to this post because you are jobless? Or are you saying this post was so frivolous that you had to capitalize “This”? My apologies but your comments appear contradictory to your actions.