Coast to Coast: New York to California

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Over the last many years I was traveling to California for work and conferences and every time I was there I was very attracted to the entrepreneurial spirit and the love for technology lead innovation in the silicon valley. However, all those years I lived in New York City, a place that probably is among the best places in the world to live in — great diversity, vivacity and vibrancy. So despite all desire I would stay in New York and travel everywhere else required. In the last few weeks though, I finally decided to reverse the structure and decided to move physically to the bay area and travel everywhere else. I am still in the process of the move but you will see me more often in the West Coast now.

From a business standpoint, our venture — Treasury of Ideas — will continue to service clients nationwide and around the globe. We will also continue to host New York centric mentoring sessions and conferences/events, like the Flex Camp Wall Street, the next edition of which is coming soon. In the next few weeks we will post our new office addresses in New York and California. The phone numbers and online addresses remain the same. I will be traveling as always and will be in New York every once a while so will get a chance to connect with old friends in New York. Also, would love to hear from friends and readers in the bay area, so drop me a message when you get a chance!

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