Purpose Maximization

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Humans are not horses and it takes more than rewards to get the best out of them. In fact, more rewards for complex tasks that requires sophisticated algorithmic thinking leads to poor performance. If you are confused by now, then watch this brilliant animated presentation:

Given that human tasks are increasingly getting complex and automated intelligent applications is the direction, we are all headed to, does it mean large rigid corporates are going to get drained out of talent? On the corollary, does it mean those who run for money essentially don’t care about challenging work? If autonomy and mastery are of paramount importance, is being an entrepreneur or a freelancer a career all smart people need to choose? If smart agile enterprises that engage employees as people and get the best out of them is the way to go, then why isn’t everyone already doing it? Are companies scared things could go out of hand?

Last but not the least, if people like to contribute effectively where they have the freedom and can enjoy challenges for no monetary reward, only because it allows for purpose maximization then why don’t we use that same energy beyond open source software and free encyclopedias to solve some of the pesky world problems that have been around for a few generations?

What do you think?

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