Speaking at 360 Flex San Jose — March 7-10, 2010

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With the beginning of 2010 I have put breaks on my frequent speaking engagements. What I have decided, is to speak at select few events and venues, else for the most part keep to online communication. I will tell everyone about my plans for online sessions in a following post but for now let me talk more about the next event where I appear.

Going by the last few years, by the first week of March I would have spoken at atleast 4 to 5 events. However, this year is different and consciously so! My first event is 360 Flex at San Jose (March 7-10, 2010).  You may ask why 360 Flex and you may want to know what I am talking about at that conference. Let me first attempt to answer the “why” part of the question and then I will talk a bit about what I am presenting on at the conference.

360 Flex is one of the few conferences that is run by and for the developers. Its one big meetup for all those who are part of the Flex community. Its not a stage where companies pretend to demo the future. Its all about great content, friendly experience and immense value for your money. Its a place where even the expert takes a few tips back with him at the end of the conference. So it was not prudent for me to skip this event. Tom and John have been gracious to have me as a speaker for past many 360 events and I have enjoyed each one of them. So when I had to choose a select few, 360 Flex comfortably made the list for all the good reasons I enumerated earlier in this paragraph.

So now that I am going to 360 Flex, what am I going to talk about there. Answer: some regular Flex stuff hidden under a fancy topic! No, just kiding 😉 I speak about the new Multi-touch support in Flash Player 10.1 and AIR 2.0. I intend to talk about what this new support means and what it doesn’t and try and corroborate my statements with a few nice examples. It should be a good talk to attend even if you do not intend to build any touch screen applications in the near future. I will try and include a few essentials topics on touch screens and multi-touch as well to bring up to speed all those who haven’t had an exposure to this realm of application development.

If you are coming to 360 Flex, I would love to catch-up. If you haven’t registered yet, then without further adieu just follow this link to register for 360 Flex now.

Please lookup more about 360 Flex at — http://www.360flex.com/. For schedule go to — http://www.360flex.com/schedule/.

Before, I close, if at any time you were anxious why this speaking moritorium then here are my reasons —

  • Every time someone travels from coast to coast in the US, the person emits as much carbon dioxide as a full year of driving a car does. I would like to do my bit and contribute less to the global warming.
  • With the rise in the number of conferences and speakers, many events are becoming re-runs of the same old stuff, which you can easily Google for from the comfort of your home.
  • Its about time I started leveraging online media (especially video). I could reach a far greater number of people and help many more.
  • I am super busy with newer products in the making and customer work. Every time I am out I essentially slip down on my plans. I don’t want to continue to do that.
  • I am very keen on open spaces style events and advanced events as opposed to the 101 sessions. Honestly, 101 sessions are best delivered via online videos. So I think :)

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