A new year, a new promise!

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As we enter 2010, its time again to celebrate a new year and the beginning of a new decade. 10 years into the new century we are still far away from frozen humans in suspended animation that Sir Arthur C Clarke wrote about in 2001: A Space Odyssey and again in 2010: Odyssey Two. However, we are deep in the age of socially networked internet that is helping us replace our real self with our online persona. It is a time where so many are so consumed in online stardom that they have stopped worrying about real people, real relationships and sometimes even real jobs! However, much of the new web also holds some great promise, including great new ways to collectively learn to make better decisions and mingle with like and unlike minds.  Hopefully this mingling will extend beyond playing computer games like halo with strangers around the world to understanding alternative viewpoints and a little less bloodshed due to the age old religion based feuds.

May you all have a great New Year and may you have at least a little more exciting things to do for yourself and the world — more than buying lottery tickets using your mobile phone and tweeting to the world that you finished breakfast! That’s not asking for much or is it :)

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