Speaking on Scala Actors at NY Scala Enthusiasts

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Thanks to Dustin Whitney, we have a meetup for Scala enthusiasts in New York City.

New York Scala Enthusiasts

New York Scala Enthusiasts

I speak on the actors library at the meetup this (March 30, 2009) evening. Last year, I spoke on the same topic at SD Best Practices in Boston. This presentation today will be structured on similar lines to the talk at Boston. Its an introductory but fairly thorough walk through the concepts of actors and threadless concurrency in Scala. Scala brings this great Erlang style concurrency to the JVM and it is something every Java (and of course Scala) developer should peek into, if not learn thoroughly.

The Actors Library

Scala's Actors Library for Concurrency

If you are in New York City and care for Scala actors then do drop by.

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