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Unfortunately, is unavailable!

Where you could normally see tons of information on books they had published, code downloads associated with those books and more, stands a page advertising domain renewal services. This is what the page looks like today — Hosed! Hosed!

I was made aware of this rather awkward situation by readers of my book Advanced Flex 3. The site is down means they can’t get hold of the code for the examples in the book anymore. Oops! that no good.

So I am writing to inform all my readers of the following:

  • I don’t know why the site is down but my guess is that it relates to some administrative goof-up. If you read the top right corner of the current page, it says — “ expired on 2/15/2009 and is pending renewal or deletion“. Don’t worry I am hopeful normalcy will be restored soon. I sent a mail out to the publishers asking what happened. If I get to know why this has happened and when things will be back, then I will share that information with you for sure.

  • I have setup a GitHub repository for the Advanced Flex 3 source code. The URL to the repository is: Its empty now but things should be there soon. In the near future I will co-ordinate with my co-authors and publishers and try and get the entire code up there. Then not only will you have an alternative place to grab the code  from but it would also be possible for that code to continue to evolve.

That’s all for now. Thanks for your patience.

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