My new book: Professional NoSQL (Wiley, 2011)

My new book, Professional NoSQL (Wiley, 2011) is now available in bookstores.

NoSQL is an emerging topic and a lot of developers, architects, technology managers, and CIO(s) are fairly confused trying to understand where it fits in the stack. While these folks are trying to come up to speed and climb up the learning curve, many NoSQL enthusiasts and product vendors are presenting the usual jargon heavy, myth centric promises and confusing them further. Given this context, I have made an attempt to present an unbiased and objective overview of the topic: explaining the fundamentals, introducing the products, presenting a few of its nuances, and describing the context in which it exists.

Read the first chapter, which is available for download online and consider buying a copy. If you find errors, then please let me know of them.

Hope you enjoy reading the book and find it useful.

NoSQL Sessions at Silicon Valley Cloud Computing Meetup in January 2011

After Santa Claus has come and gone, NoSQL is coming to town! Come January 2011, I present the core NoSQL ideas, concepts, tools and technologies via a set of 4 day back-to-back sessions at the Silicon Valley Cloud Computing Meetup. The schedule is as follows:

Jan 24th (Monday): NoSQL Series – Part 1: Getting friendly with document databases
Jan 25th (Tuesday): NoSQL Series – Part 2: Nothing beats a distributed hash
Jan 26th (Wednesday): NoSQL Series – Part 3: HBase beyond the “Hello World!”
Jan 27th (Thursday): NoSQL Series – Part 4: Eventually it’s consistent
The venue is:
Fenwick & West
801 California St
Mountain View, CA 94041

Each day session starts at 7pm so you don’t have to miss work to join us for these sessions. Actually, wanted to make sure everyone was tired after a long day’s work so there were less questions :)

Each session is about an hour and a half long with a short break of 5 mins. or so in the middle. There is pizza, veggies and desserts to go along with the talk.

Thanks to Sebastian Stadil for organizing the Silicon Valley Cloud Computing Meetup and making these sessions possible. If you are into big data, cloud computing and web scale stuff and are in the bay area then this meetup is surely the one you should join.

All these talks will leverage my efforts towards writing Wiley’s Professional NoSQL (coming end of Q1/Q2 2011).

Featured on DZone “Meet the Author” Video Series

Watch me speak on BlazeDS, Flex and Java integration. (Original Post on DZone: Meet the Author – Shashank Tiwari on BlazeDS, Flex & Java Integration).

BlazeDS DZone RefCard Available for Free Download

Getting Started with BlazeDS, a DZone RefCard on Adobe BlazeDS that I authored is available online. Go ahead and download it now.

The great thing about the DZone RefCards is that they are terse and useful presentations of technical topics and are available completely free of charge. The RefCard on BlazeDS is a quick 6 page practical introduction to some of the key aspects of using BlazeDS. For more details, consider reading my book on Adobe BlazeDS — Professional BlazeDS (Wiley/Wrox, 2009).

Please let me know if you find the RefCard useful. Also, please point out to me any errors that may have slipped through the cracks.

Speaking at SextaFlex Brazil

Igor Costa has invited me as a guest on the next episode of SextaFlex, the Friday talk show on Flex. I speak about combining Flex and Java using BlazeDS. My talk is around my new book Professional BlazeDS (Wiley/Wrox, 2009).

If you wish to understand how best to combine Flex and Java and extend the power of BlazeDS to support production grade scalable applications then join the SextaFlex session this Friday, October 23, 2009.  The session will be delivered over Adobe Connect, which you can access online at

Professional BlazeDS (Wiley/Wrox 2009) is Available

Creating Rich Internet Applications with Flex and Java

Creating Rich Internet Applications with Flex and Java

My new book on “BlazeDS” was released earlier this week. I got my first set of author copies last night in the mail. It was a great feeling holding a copy in my hand. This book was written over the last many months as I toiled with a number of other things, including working on client projects, at the same time. Most of the writing was done in the nights and weekends.  I must at this point mention that my family (wife and kids) was extremely supportive else this book would have never been possible.

The book covers a lot of ground at the sweet intersection spot where Flex based RIA and Java meet. It covers the fundamentals of the wiring, protocols, formats and the API that relate to the integration of Flex/AIR and Java in the first few chapters and then rapidly graduates to explaining advanced topics. Advanced topics include Spring and Hibernate integration, custom adapters and real-time data push. As the topic clearly suggests all integration discussion is in the context of the open source data services product from Adobe: BlazeDS.

If the subject of integrating Flex/AIR and Java interests you, then go grab a copy of this book from your local technical book retailer or order online at Amazon — As you read the book, please let me know of any errors. If you like the book, please rate it well on Amazon and/or leave a comment behind.

Hope the book helps the folks who are actively combining Flex (or AIR) and Java to create the next set of rich and robust productivity enhancing enterprise grade applications.

Flex and Spring JMS

If you are someone who is interested in coupling Flex and Spring based messaging (especially JMS) systems, you may want to whet your appetite by reading my article on the subject at DZone. Here is the link: Integrating Flex and Spring based JMS applications. Please let me know if the article was helpful or want to learn more about the subject. Hosed!

Unfortunately, is unavailable!

Where you could normally see tons of information on books they had published, code downloads associated with those books and more, stands a page advertising domain renewal services. This is what the page looks like today — Hosed! Hosed!

I was made aware of this rather awkward situation by readers of my book Advanced Flex 3. The site is down means they can’t get hold of the code for the examples in the book anymore. Oops! that no good.

So I am writing to inform all my readers of the following:

  • I don’t know why the site is down but my guess is that it relates to some administrative goof-up. If you read the top right corner of the current page, it says — “ expired on 2/15/2009 and is pending renewal or deletion“. Don’t worry I am hopeful normalcy will be restored soon. I sent a mail out to the publishers asking what happened. If I get to know why this has happened and when things will be back, then I will share that information with you for sure.
  • I have setup a GitHub repository for the Advanced Flex 3 source code. The URL to the repository is: Its empty now but things should be there soon. In the near future I will co-ordinate with my co-authors and publishers and try and get the entire code up there. Then not only will you have an alternative place to grab the code  from but it would also be possible for that code to continue to evolve.

That’s all for now. Thanks for your patience.

Win a Copy of Advanced Flex 3 at MAX

Thanks to our publishers friends of Ed (APress), we are giving away 4 copies of Advanced Flex 3 at MAX 2008 next week. Stop by at the 360 | MAX booth, where you will surely find Tom and John (and me, many times in the day), and register to enter the daily raffle. You enter the raffle once and remain a hopeful for all three days. We will pick one winner (and two on the last day) randomly from the list of registered folks everyday and announce the winners right then. The winner goes out of the list and the rest are all carried forward to the next day. So the earlier you enter the better chance you have of winning. Good luck!

Advanced Flex 3

Advanced Flex 3


Advanced Flex 3

Advanced Flex 3

My book — Advanced Flex 3 — is out in the market! It was a good feeling to hold the printed version in my hand, as its first few copies arrived yesterday. We celebrated at home with some delicious brownies that my wife baked right then. Months of work and lot of night-outs have gone into writing it. (Book writing can make you sleepless!).

Its one of the few (or maybe only?) books which addresses the needs of the advanced Flex developer, who is interested in creating enterprise grade robust applications. Hopefully it is as enjoyable reading, as it was writing it!

It was a great experience working with my co-authors (Elad, Jack and Joshua) and having my wife and kids support me through the entire process. Not to forget my parents and in-laws supported me too, ’cause I was busy writing even on vacation in their homes. (Book writing can make you ill mannered :) )

The book is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders, bookpool , Springer and SamedayBooks (UK).

As you read it, please let me know what you think of the book. I am eager to hear from you!