I am a technology entrepreneur, developer and author.  I like to solve challenging computing problems, especially those that drive innovation. Being a polyglot programmer, I like to program in many languages, including Java, Ruby, Python, C++, C, ActionScript, JavaScript, Objective-C, Scala, PHP, Groovy and Perl. I must admit that I like to learn programming languages and if there is a new interesting one coming, I wouldn’t be far behind getting to grips with it. Over the last many years I have built some cutting edge enterprise and consumer software applications, many of which have leveraged large data sets and the web based programming paradigms. This means I also know a lot about data bases and persistence. I am very conversant with scalable schema-less databases, relational databases, embedded databases, key-value stores, text based data, JSON and XML. Having leveraged web based programming paradigms, I have first hand experience with a lot of web development frameworks, including but not limited to Spring MVC, Rails, Grails, Adobe Flex/AIR, and Django. Not to forget, I obviously have worked a lot with HTML, JS and CSS. My experience and interest are varied and diverse and range a wide spectrum of application development realms that include the server, the client and the middleware. Of late the mobile and touch platforms, especially Android and iOS have got me excited quite a bit.

Besides, programming, I am also deeply interested in mathematics, machine learning, and computational intelligence. This motivates me to bring my knowledge of applied mathematics, statistical modeling, artificial intelligence and sometimes simply data structures, to good use, when I build applications.

I am an ardent supporter of open source software and try and contribute to open source code bases and causes. I like the plurality and variety that software development offers; the choice of programming languages, the abundant availability of tools and libraries, the existence of multiple operating systems and the possibility of varied software development methodologies. As a member of the technology community, I am an active contributor to the ever evolving software development languages, methodologies and standards. I have been an expert group member on a number of JCP (Java Community Process) specifications, for example JSRs 274, 283, 299, 301 & 312, and have been on the customer advisory board of a few of Adobe’s products. I have run and organize a few community events like Flex Camp Wall Street, Show Ramp and Big Data Web Scale. I also speak at many conferences worldwide and at many user groups and meetups.

I bring together all my expertise in terms of services and products via my primary venture, Treasury of Ideas LLC, in which I play the role of the CEO (and also the lead developer and consultant). Treasury of Ideas LLC, through its focus on innovation and value optimization, offers many best of the breed services and products and has incubated many ideas to help translate them to reality. Our clients range from large enterprises, government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations to promising new startups.

I write regularly in many technical journals and magazines, present in seminars and mentor developers and architects. I have authored a few books, including Advanced Flex 3 (APress, 2008)Professional BlazeDS (Wrox/Wiley, 2009), Advanced Flex 4 (APress, 2010), and Professional NoSQL (Wrox/Wiley, 2011). My blog on the O’Reilly Network (http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/au/2799), apart from this site, is another place where my writing on technology can be found. Many content syndication sites, including Adobe Feeds, NFJS Speakers feed, Ulitzer and others pull my writings from this blog. You can learn all about my books by browsing through the Books page.

I live with my beautiful and loving wife (Caren) and two adorable sons (Ayaan & Ezra) in Palo Alto, CA. My wife is a very talented baker and blogs about some of her creations at Photographs and Recipes. Along with a friend, she runs a niche baking and confectionery service, called CultureSlice. If you want some finger licking delicious dessert, you now know who to reach out to!

  1. Hey Shanky,

    I read your article in javaworld “Migrating EJB 2.x applications to EJB 3.0” and find it so elegant. I like these kinda simple articles which give a pointer for everyone to understand new release/framework etc. Thanks – Moorthi

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