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Getting Friendly With Document Databases

Here is a draft of what I plan to present in Part 1 of the NoSQL Series on Jan 24th at Fenwick & West in Mountain View, CA (The series has 4 parts in all. It runs between 1/24 and 1/27, everyday at 7pm). The event is  hosted by the Silicon Valley Cloud Computing Meetup.

Topic: Getting Friendly With Document Databases

Products covered: MongoDB ( and CouchDB (
Level: Introductory but not cursory. Full of examples.
Duration: 60 mins. (1 hour) — may have too much for an hour. Could do a bit more than an hour if need be.
Session Contents:
— Document databases
  • What are they?
  • Their essential structure (in the context of MongoDB and CouchDB)
  • Data types supported
  • Schemaless
— Creating, Reading, Updating and Deleting Documents
  • Using MongoDB
  • Using CouchDB
— Querying Documents
  • Filtering
  • Ordering
  • Limiting result set
  • Grouping
  • Joining (?)
(Includes MapReduce)
— Indexes
  • Types
  • How-to
— Very first steps in performance tuning
  • Understanding query plans
  • Faster query results
— A few peculiarities
— Questions
This should give you a head start but an hour isn’t enough to cover all the details so am planning on organizing a follow-up 2 day training in February. See you on Jan 24 at Fenwick & West.

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  1. Hi Shashank,
    So glad to see this series open at local SV. Thanks!
    1 hour barely can cover one DocumentDB, plus some of us already have the basis, prefer go deeper on performance tuning and best practice, if can do 2 hours per night that will be nice.
    Usually HackDojo class starts from 7pm, ends at 9pm, and an extension for casual discussion after 9pm.
    The part1 has a lot people registered, people are testing if it’s good enough to go, then decide the rest of parts :-)
    See you next week!



  2. I will surely plan on a follow-up session, which would be much longer (at least half a day if not more) for advanced topics that relate to the subject. The 4 parts cover different topics so I think each would be useful but there would still be a lot more to cover even after the 4 day sessions. Look forward to meeting you next week.