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5 Technology Application Trends in 2011!

5 technology application trends that I think will be most popular in 2011 are:

  1. Tablets, tablets and tablets: iPad started the fever and its not stopping anytime soon. Newer and smarter tablets of all sizes, form factors and capabilities will emerge. Newer and newer applications for these devices will be available.
  2. Big data will get bigger: More and more big data will become available in the public domain and we will see the emergence of newer and smarter storage and analytics solutions in the space. In other words NoSQL and all tools that help manage big data will boom. Cloud will continue its expansion.
  3. Local will be king: Groupon has show the way but there is a lot more to win! Hyperlocal communities will be the way forward. You will see a lot more startups in the space. If you are an investor, don’t forget to put some money there :)
  4. Social networking shakeout & correction: Every boom meets a correction, Facebook and friends will see some correction as well.
  5. Growth of collaboration: the audio-video segment has been largely a consume only space for a while. Collaborative rich communication and interaction will see some innovative new applications.

Happy New Year!

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  1. I think cable will start to disappear as well and be replaced by internet enabled TVs.

  2. Good point! GoogleTV infused new energy in the internet TV space and certainly there will be some excitement there. However, it may be a few years before the cable is really challenged. In fact most internet enabled TVs in real are also trying to piggyback on cable at the moment. We will all see where things stand by the time we are ready for another trend report next year.