Next Stop: NFJS Rocky Mountain Software Symposium

I speak on Flex and Java Integration, Flex and Hibernate and Collaborative real-time RIA this Sunday (November 22, 2009) at the No Fluff Just Stuff (NFJS) Rocky Mountain Software Symposium in Denver, CO. If you are in Denver and coming to the show, I hope to see you there.

Build4Flash @ StackExchange

My friends at Farata (Yakov, Victor and Anatole), who are a very accomplished set of authors, developers, mentors, architects and community leaders in the RIA and Java communities, have set up a venue for you to ask all your questions that pertain to the Flash platform. So go to and ask away everything about Flex, Flash, AIR, Flex and LAMP, Flex and Java, the Flash development community, open source projects in the space and more. Going by their past and current track record, I am sure you will not be disappointed with their great replies and excellent management. Do bear in mind though that the venue is very new. Help grow the community and help yourself by getting your questions answered! is a site build on the engine created by Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky of the StackOverflow fame.

Flex (Flash) Camp Wall Street Starts Tomorrow

Flex (Flash) Camp Wall Street starts tomorrow (November 16, 2009) in New York City. If you are coming to the event, do stop by to tell us about your exciting adventures in the world of RIA. Enjoy 14 exciting sessions over two days. Meet with the experts in the field. Mingle with the community and don’t forget to hang out in the after session sessions :) If you haven’t registered yet, don’t wait any longer as very few seats remain. Register online now at


(This cool speaker badge was created by Adam Flater as a draft initial artifact!)

Featured on DZone “Meet the Author” Video Series

Watch me speak on BlazeDS, Flex and Java integration. (Original Post on DZone: Meet the Author – Shashank Tiwari on BlazeDS, Flex & Java Integration).

Speaking at NFJS Northern Virginia Software Symposium November 6-8, 2009

This weekend, I will be speaking at the No Fluff Just Stuff Northern Virginia Software Symposium in Reston, VA. The symposium, as always, has some truly brilliant speakers from the world of Java, dynamic languages and agile software development. I have 3 sessions; all on Sunday. All my topics relate to Flex and Java integration. On Sunday morning at 9.00am I  start off with a general and broad based topic: “Flex and Java Integration“. Later that afternoon, I explore the world of “Flex and Hibernate” and the promising domain of “Collaborative real-time RIA“. The session on “Collaborative real-time RIA” extends beyond Flex and Java integration and includes the larger context of collaborative applications and real-time systems.

Speaking on the NFJS 2009 Tour

Speaking on the NFJS 2009 Tour

If you are already at the symposium, please stop by at the sessions. If you are interested in these topics and are in the area, consider attending them. If you are nowhere close by and are interested in the topics, then do let me know, and I could perhaps plan a session in that geography, if there are enough interested.

Also, not to forget, a lot of what I speak about in these sessions, is covered in my book Professional BlazeDS (Wiley/Wrox, 2009).

Flex (Flash) Camp Wall Street 2009 on November 16-17 in NYC

The second edition of the hugely successful Flex (Flash) Camp Wall Street is less than 2 weeks away. This time the event is bigger (over 2 days — November 16-17, 2009), better (more speakers and more topics) and cheaper ($49 only!). Alike last year, its at the conveniently located New York Seminar and Conference Center — 71 West 23rd Street, New York, NY 10010.

There are a bunch of very talented  Flex, AIR, Flash, LCDS and BlazeDS experts (experienced developers, celebrated authors, speakers and ideators) speaking at the event. As it stands, the speaker list includes James Ward, Yakov Fain, Jeff Tapper, Jeffry Houser, Wade Arnold, Christian Saylor, Brian O’Connor, Daniel Holth, Elad Elrom and Adam Flater, besides yours truly :)

You can lookup the details about the event and register online at

Information on the schedule and sessions is available at You can read more about the speakers at

An idea of a party at the end of day 2 is actively brewing as well!

If you are interested, please go and register right away. The tickets are selling out fast and going by last year’s experience its highly likely that they will all be sold out soon!