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Professional BlazeDS (Wiley/Wrox 2009) is Available

Creating Rich Internet Applications with Flex and Java

Creating Rich Internet Applications with Flex and Java

My new book on “BlazeDS” was released earlier this week. I got my first set of author copies last night in the mail. It was a great feeling holding a copy in my hand. This book was written over the last many months as I toiled with a number of other things, including working on client projects, at the same time. Most of the writing was done in the nights and weekends.  I must at this point mention that my family (wife and kids) was extremely supportive else this book would have never been possible.

The book covers a lot of ground at the sweet intersection spot where Flex based RIA and Java meet. It covers the fundamentals of the wiring, protocols, formats and the API that relate to the integration of Flex/AIR and Java in the first few chapters and then rapidly graduates to explaining advanced topics. Advanced topics include Spring and Hibernate integration, custom adapters and real-time data push. As the topic clearly suggests all integration discussion is in the context of the open source data services product from Adobe: BlazeDS.

If the subject of integrating Flex/AIR and Java interests you, then go grab a copy of this book from your local technical book retailer or order online at Amazon — As you read the book, please let me know of any errors. If you like the book, please rate it well on Amazon and/or leave a comment behind.

Hope the book helps the folks who are actively combining Flex (or AIR) and Java to create the next set of rich and robust productivity enhancing enterprise grade applications.

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  1. @James: Thanks. Did you get a copy from Wiley/Wrox? Thanks for writing a forward to the book. I hope its helpful to our fellow developers who are leveraging Flex and Java to build some really good application.

  2. Congratz Shashank. I know how hard you worked to get this book out. Finally a book about BlazeDS!

  3. @Elad: Thanks. Now the next book will be ours (Advanced Flex 4). You have contributed immensely by keeping that project moving along while I was caught up with multiple priorities.

  4. Congratulations Shashank. I will ask Sridhar to bring a copy along with him during his oct/nov trip. It will help my team as we are going to embark on a streaming quotes project soon for one of our NY based clients.

  5. Hello Shashank,

    I’m getting ready to start a large Flex application that’s going to require push notifications, and BlazeDS definitely looks like the way to go.

    Is your book going to be available on Kindle? I have the Kindle DX, and I can’t really bring myself to buy physical books any more.

    Good luck with the book!


  6. @John: BlazeDS has great features around messaging and data push, though its long polling mechanism can sometimes be a problem for highly scalable applications. I am in the process of releasing a set of extensions to BlazeDS via project dsadapters, to make it more robust than what it is today.

    I am not sure when it would be available on kindle but I will certainly ask this question to my publishers (Wiley/Wrox).

    Thanks and Good luck with your project!

  7. Congratz Shashank. Please let me know when it will be available in India.

  8. Hi Shashank, i recently started using your book. and have some questions..i hope this is the best place to ask. first off, i am coming from a flex background..and now getting familiar with java. in flex builder i am getting all these errors because your sample code in the book doesnt import the necessary java classes. i thought i might find this in the samples, but they too dont have the java imports for the classes.
    for instance in chapter 4 ..remoting between flex and pojos, you use an HSQLDBConnectionHelper class. this class can be found in the main src folder … in problazeds.ch04. what i dont understand is why isnt it with the rest of the java classes in src folder under WebContent/WEB-INF/src?? i am confused.
    the most important thing to me understanding why the imports are missing. i have a whole bunch of errors in eclipse builder.

    i love ur book, i am just stuck :))) thanks


  9. Hello Shashank,

    What had happened to your dsadapters project?
    It’s referenced in a book but there is no code in a given url.


  10. Some code thats available needs to be updated on the dsadapters project site. In addition, things have been put on hold as far as adapters goes, as there is a drastic new product in the works that may be better than the original vision and will be available soon. So thanks for the patience. Hold for a bit longer and you will not be disappointed.

  11. Hi Shashank,

    I bought and read your excellent book and I am preparing a platform using BlazeDS messaging.
    So I’d like to know where your dsadapters project and it is possible to test
    Thanks in advance.


  12. Thanks for your kind words Christophe. I am glad you found the book to be useful. The dsadapters projects is not active any longer but I would be happy to help you out if you may have any specific questions pertaining to extending BlazeDS or writing custom adapters for it.

  13. Thank you for offering your help (I’m working on an e-learning plateform). I finally decided to use AMFChannel / Endpoint with simple polling and piggybacking enabled, which doesn’t have thread resource constraints due to the blocking IO of the servlet API.