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Win a Copy of Advanced Flex 3 at MAX

Thanks to our publishers friends of Ed (APress), we are giving away 4 copies of Advanced Flex 3 at MAX 2008 next week. Stop by at the 360 | MAX booth, where you will surely find Tom and John (and me, many times in the day), and register to enter the daily raffle. You enter the raffle once and remain a hopeful for all three days. We will pick one winner (and two on the last day) randomly from the list of registered folks everyday and announce the winners right then. The winner goes out of the list and the rest are all carried forward to the next day. So the earlier you enter the better chance you have of winning. Good luck!

Advanced Flex 3

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  1. I just started reading ‘Advanced Flex 3’ and am anxious to use your fireclay framework. When will it be available?

  2. Very soon! Apologies for the delay. The code is already available with me. I am fine tuning it this month and will commit the first version into svn by end of the year (or if there are any further delays then first week 2009). Thanks for your patience.