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Speaking at SD Best Practices 2008


SD Best Practices 2008

SD Best Practices 2008

I am speaking at Software Development Best Practices 2008 next week. The event starts on the 27th and concludes on the 30th of October in Boston, MA. I speak on the 29th afternoon on “Service Orientation in the Transactional World“ and the 30th morning on “Scala Style Multi-Threading“. 

See you there!

Advanced Flex 3


Advanced Flex 3

Advanced Flex 3

My book — Advanced Flex 3 — is out in the market! It was a good feeling to hold the printed version in my hand, as its first few copies arrived yesterday. We celebrated at home with some delicious brownies that my wife baked right then. Months of work and lot of night-outs have gone into writing it. (Book writing can make you sleepless!).

Its one of the few (or maybe only?) books which addresses the needs of the advanced Flex developer, who is interested in creating enterprise grade robust applications. Hopefully it is as enjoyable reading, as it was writing it!

It was a great experience working with my co-authors (Elad, Jack and Joshua) and having my wife and kids support me through the entire process. Not to forget my parents and in-laws supported me too, ’cause I was busy writing even on vacation in their homes. (Book writing can make you ill mannered :) )

The book is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders, bookpool , Springer and SamedayBooks (UK).

As you read it, please let me know what you think of the book. I am eager to hear from you!

Insane Advertisement

Have you seen this advertisement? I found this by chance on Ben Nadel‘s website.


ColdFusion Advertisement

ColdFusion Advertisement


This is by far the most insane piece of advertisement I have seen in a while. Cheeky and nothing but screaming to attract attention! In addition, being nasty and depicting gender bias. Is adobe against women as programmers? Do they believe in discriminating against women?  (Ben Forta clarified that it was Ben Nadel’s creation and had nothing to do with Adobe). He also pointed me to a link where someone from the community responded to this advertisement.

Here is the link :

Seems just some wacky creativity ! ( mean’t to be humorous and not any serious message really :) ).

Rediscovering Gandhi

Born on October 2, 1869 was a man who proved through his deeds and actions the power of truth, love and non-violence. Celebrated as the father of a nation of over 1 billion people and revered by all as the beacon of non-violence, this man needs to be remembered more for his thoughts than the events that he affected. Textbooks portray him as the person who got India its freedom from the British and put him on the list of the venerable who are titled as “Mahatma”. However, more often than not the essence of his philosophy and how it relates to each one of us in our everyday lives is conveniantly forgotten.

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